Square Arras Wedding Coins

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The Unity Coins (also known as Las Arras or Arrhae) is a traditional element of Filipino Catholic weddings that originated from Spain.

In Catholic ceremonies, a Coin Bearer or Sponsor presents the wedding officiant with 13 coins, which represent Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles. In non-denominational weddings, the coin ceremony represents the couple's sharing of worldly goods, and their promise to support one another for richer or poorer.

Though the coin ceremony is conventionally a Catholic tradition, we encourage you to incorporate Filipino ceremony accessories into your wedding, no matter your religious background.

We have more Arras available within our Filipino Wedding Ceremony collection.

How To Incorporate It Into Your Wedding

In traditional Filipino weddings, the Coin Bearer presents the officiant with the Arras, who blesses the coins. The officiant then gives the coins to the groom, who trickles them into the bride's hands as a sign of his promise to support her and their family.

Today, financial responsibilities are generally shared between two individuals. In this case, the first individual trickles the coins into their partner's hands, who then does the same.


  • Included are 13 authentic coins (25 sentimos) and a coin box, designed and made in the Philippines.
  • Because we use genuine Philippine coins made of brass-plated steel (for the Gold set) and nickel-plated steel (for the Silver set), please allow for some imperfections. Some coins are darker than others.
  • Available in gold or silver color
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Square Arras Wedding Coins
Square Arras Wedding Coins
Square Arras Wedding Coins
Square Arras Wedding Coins
Square Arras Wedding Coins
Square Arras Wedding Coins
Square Arras Wedding Coins
Square Arras Wedding Coins